The Farm

The Ferrara family have always been guided by their connection with the land and an awareness of the productive potential of this part of Apulia. Over several generations, they have invested their energy in creating their farm: Azienda Agricola San Tommaso.

The farm, located in the Trani area, covers some 40 hectares, and grows mainly olive trees of the renowned Coratina cultivar, famous for its high concentration of polyphenols, indispensable for our health. Here, on fertile land graced with an ideal climate, olive trees thrive alongside ancient cherry trees which each spring, offer a unique spectacle of colours and flavours.

The farm is managed by the Ferrara family, who meticulously check every stage of growing, from treatments to pruning, irrigation to harvesting, transforming the fruit from the trees into highly prized San Tommaso extra virgin olive oil.